Windows and Gear

Lately I’ve been testing out gear and trying to find a good combo. One lens that I picked up recently is the sigma 18-35 Art 1.8. I really don’t understand why I didn’t get this one sooner. Solid even wide open, and it basically works out to having a bag of primes. It’s a little heavier than the pancake lenses I’d been used to but it’s super solid. I’m also pairing it with a Zhongyi Lens Turbo 2.  I have an alternate off brand adapter that’s a little wider ( both like the speedboosters give a little extra room)

I think this blog is going to be somewhere between a mix of travel stuff, and the gear that I’m picking up to get these shoots done, along with some BTS stuff.


Also I’m gearing up for a few shoots, some music videos and commercial ads . Along with that I’ll have a little more interesting content to share. For the time being though, I’m gonna be posting some shot tests and maaaybe a short film or two.

Of my two adapters the Zhongyi doesn’t have any artifacts or flaring (multicoating helps that) and I coupled it with another front coating on the sigma under a lens hood. This way I can shoot right into light and not have to worry about anything bouncing around/ jacking up my shots.  These were shot in the V-Log L mode. Although usually they’d be graded I really enjoy the muted look sometimes.


If you want to test out the lens or adapter yourself I’ll drop some links here for you:

(The sigma comes in a few different mounts)

Sigma 18-35 Nikon Mount

Sigma 18-35 Canon Mount

Zhongyi Lens Turbo 2

Also : My current cam:

The Lumix GH4   ( the 5 is coming out soon so I’m hype to pick up one up in the spring)




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